• Salted Caramel Brownies (gluten free Vegan egg free)
  • Strawberry Shortcake: Gluten free Vegan
  • Blueberry Ice Cream (dairy free vegan) No machine
  • Gluten Free Blueberry Danish (egg free dairy free)
  • Caramel Sauce (dairy free vegan)

Salted Caramel Brownies (gluten free Vegan egg free)


Share some Salted Caramel Brownies (gluten free Vegan egg free) at the next party you attend.  These fudgy brownies are topped with a healthy caramel sauce made from dates. Chocolate brownies are my second favorite dessert behind chocolate chip cookies.  My fudgy gluten free brownies disappeared too quickly, so I felt the need to whip up…

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Strawberry Shortcake: Gluten free Vegan

Enjoy a classic easy Strawberry Shortcake (gluten free and vegan).  This Summer cake uses real fresh strawberries with an egg free shortcake topped with a dairy free creamy coconut cream. Strawberry picking season has arrived!  Have you ever gone to one of those pick your own fruit farms?  This is something I have always wanted…

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Blueberry Ice Cream (dairy free vegan) No machine

Blueberry Ice Cream is such wonderful cool treat for the Summer.  This dairy free 3 ingredient no machine required (no churn) recipe is so simple with only 5 minutes of work, simply let your freezer do the rest.  In addition to the ease of making, the ice cream is vegan, soy free, gluten free and peanut…

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Gluten Free Blueberry Danish (egg free dairy free)

Enjoy a sweet breakfast treat with a Gluten Free Blueberry Danish (egg free).  Real blueberry jam with mascarpone cheese make a sweet and light filling.  The dough is already dairy free and vegan, simply omit the cheese to make it completely dairy free. Warm and hot from the oven, a gluten blueberry danish is something special.  Not…

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Caramel Sauce (dairy free vegan)

This easy Caramel Sauce (Dairy Free Vegan) is a perfect sweet ending on a decadent dessert.  You won’t believe this homemade caramel sauce is ready in about 5 minutes, contains no refined sugars and only has 3 ingredients.  This healthy caramel recipe is great for dipping and made from dates, a Food Allergy dream! I loved…

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Creamy Dairy Free Alfredo Sauce (Nut Free Vegan Potato)

Picture a healthy skinny gluten free and dairy free Creamy Alfredo Sauce that’s super easy and ready in about 15 minutes.  This nut free sauce also contains no extra oil, nutritional yeast or even coconut cream.  Made from a simple potato. How are you doing?  Hanging in there for end of school?  Didn’t that just creep up…

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Fudgy Gluten Free Egg Free Brownies

Enjoy the best fudgy gluten free egg free brownies everrr.  These are super food allergy friendly since they are dairy free, egg free, soy free and nut free making them Vegan.  You would never know they are free of the top 8 food allergens! The term fudgy, egg free and brownie so rarely go hand…

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Gluten Free Caprese Pasta Salad

Summer pasta salad meets a classic Italian Caprese Salad for this Gluten Free Caprese Pasta Salad.  Such an easy light pasta salad made with basil, fresh mozzarella and a little oil.   If you love pasta as much as me, (and by love,  I mean eat a whole pot full without thinking twice), then this caprese…

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